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[OOC Information]
Age:Between 25 and 35
AIM and/or Plurk / E-mail / LiveJournal: Kawaiigami/ kawaiigami
What characters do you play here already, if any?None
Where did you hear about Just A Game?The mods
Have you seen MST3K before?Bits and pieces here and there

[IC Information]
Character Name:Namine
Series:Kingdom Hearts

Species: Nobody (Appears human)

Appearance: Namine is on the short side, slim--some would say skinny--and not particularly muscular or curvy. She has blond hair that reaches to her shoulders (usually swept over the right one) and blue eyes. Due to spending most of her time inside she’s pale. Her clothes are simple--a white sleeveless dress that reaches to mid-thigh and white sandals that have yellow stars at the buckles. She’s not often without her sketchbook and crayons.

At first glance, one might think Namine shy or timid. This is where one would be wrong.

That Namine rarely speaks unless spoken to is true. The exceptions are when she’s with people she knows well, or she thinks she has to speak. For the first part of her short existence, she was essentially kept a prisoner and under threat of being locked away forever unless she did as she was told, then she was forced to hide after escaping. This gave her little chance to have any “normal” interaction with kids her own age, making her socially awkward and sometimes too blunt, though she will apologize if called on it. She usually responds positively to a hand extended in friendship, though she rarely lets her guard down completely and some would argue that she can’t feel any of the emotions required of friends or even humans.

As a Nobody, Namine has no heart and therefore no emotional core. In her case she doesn’t even have memories prior to losing her heart, which means she lacks the basic material from which other Nobodies build personalities and imitate emotional responses. Despite this, Namine displays a nearly full range of emotions from sad to happy, depending on the situation. This makes her unusual among Nobodies, and as Namine observes herself and others, she sometimes wonders (in the Novelverse) if Nobodies are really as cut off from their hearts as they think. She doesn’t share these thoughts with many, but she has them.

Namine is, in her own quiet way, an observant, intelligent, and brave girl. She’s capable of reevaluating a situation and acting according to what she thinks is the right thing to do--i.e. admitting she’d used her abilities to alter memories under the threat of imprisonment, and standing up to her captors when her would-be victim forgives her and agrees to help her if she’ll repair the damage she’s caused. Physical violence doesn’t faze her much; whether threatened with a physical attack by one of her captors, or hit so hard she fell, she hasn’t batted an eyelash. The only time she ever backs down is if she’s alone.

The thought of going out on a limb with no backup, or the threat of isolation, will make Namine think twice about draining what resources she has in a potential struggle. She can be cowed. However, when (not if, in the KH-verse) help arrives, or if she thinks she can help someone else or fulfill a promise, she’ll reassert herself and work to fix any harm done. The one time in canon she acts alone is when she hacked into a virtual reality town, because she felt the boy imprisoned there should know the truth of his situation. She takes promises seriously--one given of her own free will is one she’ll keep, but agreements made under duress or through coercion are subject to change--and frowns on lying or otherwise hiding the truth.

History: Namine first appeared in Castle Oblivion, the Nobody formed from the Darkness in Sora’s heart coming into contact with Kairi’s heart of pure Light. She’s generally considered to be Kairi’s Nobody, since Roxas is Sora’s.

Organization XII found her and she remained at Castle Oblivion as a subject of research. When Marluxia was given authority, he added another plan: use Namine’s abilities to affect Sora’s memories to control him, then use him to take over the Organization. He threatened her with being locked away, alone, in the castle unless she did as she was told. After Vexen made a Replica of Sora’s best friend Riku, Larxene (with Marluxia’s approval) forced Namine to give him fake memories in order to set him up as an opponent for Sora. Axel threw a wrench in the plan by giving Namine the subtle encouragement she needed to find Sora and explain everything. After the Organization members at the castle were defeated, Namine helped Sora and his friends to sleep while she repaired the damage to their memories. The real Riku and a man called DiZ helped her move them to a safer place in Twilight Town.

Repairing Sora’s memories proved difficult, and it was discovered that the problem was a Replica of Sora’s that the Organization’s leader, Xemnas, had created using some of Sora’s memories. Called Xion, this Replica was acting as a member of the Organization, and slowly draining all the memories from Sora through Roxas (who was also an Organization member). Namine doesn’t remember Xion, though, as everyone’s memories of her faded when she merged with Roxas.

Namine came in contact with Roxas after DiZ had him captured (by Riku, who took on the form of Xehanort’s Heartless in order to use the Dark abilities it granted) and imprisoned (with fake memories) in a digital Twilight Town as Namine restored Sora’s memories. Namine hijacked the program in an effort to explain to him what was really going on--while the Organization had sent Axel to get Roxas back. In the end Roxas merged with Sora, and Namine, Riku, and Axel were left to exchange information. They agreed to split up, Axel and Namine going their own way.

Namine wanted to see Kairi, and told Axel as much (asking him to take her to see Kairi). Unfortunately they were overheard by Saix, one of the best fighters in the Organization. Ordered by Axel to run while he distracted Saix, Namine found Riku and convinced to help. They found Axel talking to Kairi on Destiny Islands, just in time to (secretly) stop Saix from attacking. The meeting was short-lived, as Axel and Kairi left the islands without knowing anyone else overheard them. When Namine and Riku found Axel again, it was just in time to save him after Saix nearly killed him while kidnapping Kairi. They agree to work together to help Sora, setting up the old mansion in Twilight Town as their home base. Namine stayed there while Axel and Riku went to help Sora in Hollow Bastion. That settled, the three of them were finishing up a “what to do next” discussion when Namine was pulled onto the SOL.

Extra notes: Namine’s sense of humor has not much of a chance to develop. Therefore, riffing will be an interesting experience.

The last paragraph in the “history” section is made up of information from the novels based on the games. Let me know if you’d like to know more!


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