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2015-12-31 10:40 pm

How's my driving?

This is my first time RP-ing, and I want to play the characters well. So here's the space to give me feedback. Anything you think I need improvement in? Anything you think I'm doing well? Let me know. Comments are screened and anonymous comments are fine.


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2012-09-29 12:12 pm

Revenance App

[OOC Information]
Name: Kei
Age: 31
AIM/Plurk/Dreamwidth/Email: kawaiigami/kawaiigami/kawaiigami/
What characters do you already play here, if any? None, also apping Xion
How did you hear about the game? From a mod.

IC information under the cut. )
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2011-09-05 07:40 pm
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Information for [ profile] itsjustagamerp

[OOC Information]
Age:Between 25 and 35
AIM and/or Plurk / E-mail / LiveJournal: Kawaiigami/ kawaiigami
What characters do you play here already, if any?None
Where did you hear about Just A Game?The mods
Have you seen MST3K before?Bits and pieces here and there

[IC Information]
Character Name:Namine
Series:Kingdom Hearts

Species: Nobody (Appears human)

More detailed info here )